Dec 31, 2023Liked by Dr. Gena Gorlin

Beautiful post, thanks for sharing! I really admire how you described your inner thought processes too.

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Dec 31, 2023Liked by Dr. Gena Gorlin

Beautifully done. Thank you for sharing it. The happiest New Year to you and yours. ~

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Hey Dr. Gena, your reflection conversation with yourself is an excellent example of the benefits of distanced self-talk (AKA illeism). Dr. Ethan Kross has done extensive research on this technique and has written about it his 2022 book "Chatter: The Voice in Our Head, Why It Matters, and How to Harness It." https://www.ethankross.com/chatter/

The key is that you have to talk yourself in the third person. So for example, I would say to myself (outloud or internally) "Hey Griff, what are your thoughts an feelings about the new year ahead?" And then after I replied, the follow-up would include the word 'you." So I might say to myself, "Well that's interesting that you say you're feeling a bit nervous about the upcoming year. Can you say more?"

Kross has a video clip of a presentation about this titled "Why You Should Start Referring to Yourself in the Third Person"


Also, you wrote that "ChatGPT is here (and perhaps will even be able to conduct this interview itself by the end of 2024)."

I find that both Anthropic's Claude and Inflection's Pi are already quite good at this type of personal reflective conversation, as they were engineered more for it than ChatGPT.



It might be interesting to copy/paste your initial reflection into each of them and see where it goes in comparison to your distanced self-talk version.

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