This (and the rest of your Substack) is incredibly inspiring and helpful to people trying to build things. It recognizes that creeping self-doubt that sneaks up on me in a way no other writing has. Just knowing that it's normal to feel that way is already helpful, but the perspective you provide turns building from scary to exciting.

Thank you for writing it!

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May 22, 2022Liked by Dr. Gena Gorlin

This was great! People today treat building as futile and pointless, like it’s just stacking objects to the sky and falling back to the ground, and one should just sit on a recliner and laugh at the failures as they land. One of the questions I’ve struggled to answer for years is ‘why do we need economic growth in today’s world?’, but your work is great at setting the context necessary to see the problem in that mindset.

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Mar 8Liked by Dr. Gena Gorlin

This is great! A good reminder at a good time (personally) and something I will be adding to my re-read list. Thank you!

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