Thanks so much Lara, Anna Lisa, & Zac!! It’s been an honor and a pleasure to have you all as part of this initial experiment, & I’m so excited for what we can all build together from here. 😃

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Aug 29, 2023Liked by Dr. Gena Gorlin

The Builder’s Mindset community has provided a life-changing experience that invigorated my personal growth, propelling me to new heights. The thought-provoking guided discussions have inspired me to develop greater clarity and determination to pursue my goals. I deeply value the meaningful insights and relationships I've gained!

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Aug 28, 2023Liked by Dr. Gena Gorlin

I joined the Builder’s Mindset community, and thus far it has been a wonderful journey of self-awareness and clarity of what I want my life to be. I wasn’t sure what to expect from the community, yet I became so inspired by the other curious, thoughtful and ambitious individuals who take their lives just as seriously as I do. I've thoroughly enjoyed the learning about the Builder’s Mindset, and each week I felt energized to further my understanding of myself and the specific premises that guide my thoughts and behaviour. Prior to joining, I felt that I had decent self awareness, but this course offered me the structure and guide rails to make meaningful progress as a “builder” of my own life and career.

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Aug 31, 2023Liked by Dr. Gena Gorlin

Joining the Builder’s Mindset community and working through the exercises has provided me the tools necessary to build the life I want to live. Struggling myself with a lot of elements of the Drill Sergeant constantly hounding me, I now have to tools to recognize it, address it, and reorient myself. This has unlocked infinite opportunity for me because I am no longer shackled by fear and doubt from seeking its approval. (Fear and doubt I wasn't even aware of prior.) It has cleared the fog blocking my view of what I value, what I want to work towards and what I want to build to enjoy my life. I cant express how powerful and invigorating this is. I only have this life and I want to make the most of it.

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This is the psychology behind living one’s life to the fullest, or, how philosophical premises manifest themselves in one’s psychology and how to integrate rational pro-life premises into one’s psychology while diminishing harmful ones.

In addition to joining the group and interacting in various sub-groups based on personal interests like dating, Objectivism, accountability, or whatever groups you want to create with other like-minded members; there is a formal course based on many of Gena’s articles which are available online.

I have learned a lot from the course, here is a characterization of what I liked best:

1. The role that subconscious premises play in one’s thoughts and actions.

2. Subconscious premise types underlying many of our actions which I classify as

-Arbitrary premises

- [ ] Duty premises

- [ ] Personal whims

- Rational premises

- [ ] Self-life centered

A rational approach to optimizing one’s life takes work, and Gena’s course and writing provide the framework for the type of work entailed in successful living: first-hand hard thinking about one’s values guided by a chosen love of his own life - as opposed to a duty-bound mentality who may work equally as hard but is driven by guilt and fear instead of any kind of understanding of the realistic necessity to work on chosen values. Or, the personal-whim mentality who may wish to live for himself and eschews the duty-bound approach but in favor of subjective urgings.

Both the duty-bound and whim-ridden approach lead to failure not least of all because persons who predominantly fall into these types of mentality have never taken the time to identify and work on their selfish values.

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